Slack Integration

Qualia is an agent that analyzes millions of information sources around the world such as news, blogs and social media, and notifies you when it identifies an event of special importance that concerns your topics of interest. Connect Qualia to Slack and power your team collaboration and communication with smart alerts and instant insights.
Qualiabot on Slack.
Qualia has created the Qualiabot to help you move from the typical business intelligence dashboard to data that is instantly sent to you for making fast decisions exactly when you need to. The Qualiabot automatically detects and sends you the critical changes in your data (i.e. a spike in negative tweets, a trending story in the news about your product, an influencer lead). It also sends you filtered mentions about the topics you monitor. Ask the Qualiabot questions in natural language (English) from inside your Slack channel and it will respond with the proper insight. Instantly search for mentions, request recent updates, ask information about a Twitter user or the sentiment analysis of your brand this week.
Setup: Step 1
Log-in to your Qualia account. If you don’t have a Qualia account, sign-up for your free trial.
Setup: Step 2
Visit the Integrations page and start your Slack Integration by clicking on the Add to Slack button. You will be asked to authorize the Qualiabot and to connect it to the Slack channel that you prefer. Smart notifications will be sent to this channel.
Setup: Step 3
Confirm the team you want to add to your Slack integration and select a Slack channel where you would like to see your mentions. Once you select your channel, click “Authorize”. You have successfully added the Slack Integration to your team.
Setup: Step 4
You can interact with the Qualiabot by using direct messages or mentions. During the first interaction, you should register your Qualia account with the newly added Integration. Go to your Slack channel and ask anything about your Qualia account, for example ask "@qualiabot show me the total buzz today". As a response, Qualiabot will text you a link. Click on the link and enter your Qualia username & password. Doing this, you register your account with the Slack Integration. That’s it. You are now ready to start
Use direct messages or mentions in order to interact with the Qualiabot. Type “@qualiabot help” and get directions on how to interact with the bot and how to request information. For example ask for trend analysis by typing “@qualiabot show me the trend analysis on social media during the last 5 days until now”. You can also find more examples on how to ask for information in the How-to help section of the Integrations page.
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