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Information that finds you

Qualia is a global social intelligence tool that analyzes on-line conversations about your brand, products, competition and industry. Interact with Qualia in Slack, Messenger, Trello, e-mail and its web application.


Qualia proposes a new type of search. One that starts with the user keywords, retrieves relevant data, breaks down the business questions into signals that are computed from the data and makes sense of the signals in order to answer your initial questions. Qualia is a digital assistant that delivers to the user the most actionable data that is needed immediately and everywhere.


Is there a specific business question you need to answer from your data? Looking for direction and perspective in your market? Facing a business choice or dilemma? Got an idea? We'd love to help. It all starts with a contact.


Qualia provides, apart from its platform, a full suite of services across different aspects of business intelligence. We are a full service data science company. All our services are made by humans for humans, with the help of the machine.

Slack Integration

Qualia is an agent that analyzes millions of information sources around the world such as news, blogs and social media, and notifies you when it identifies an event of special importance that concerns your topics of interest. Connect Qualia to Slack and power your team collaboration and communication with smart alerts and instant insights.


The data-driven political campaign

Campaign staff want to use sentiment analysis in order to monitor an electoral campaign. They want to get people’s opinions, positive or negative, and find out how their candidate affects the public discourse.
We calculated the following insights from the campaigns of the two candidates who advanced to the second round of the elections: Opinion analysis: positive/negative/neutral; Emotion analysis: pleasure and excitement (analysis in 7 basic emotions and 51 sub-categories); Buzz in broadcasts (we have developed a broadcast news speech recognition engine), news outlets, blogs, fora and social media; Main topics during the campaigns.
The candidate that at the beginning was an outsider, was the final winner, against all odds. The strategy of a highly emotional and relatively controversial campaign, accompanied by a clear on-line share-of-voice dominance was a winning strategy.